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Hi. My name is Aden and I'm your photographer! I specialize in sports photography and LGBTQ photography. I started photography as a hobby in college, but it wasn't until 2022 that I fell in love with sports photography and decided to make it my career path. I have been studying photography night and day to produce the best possible results. Check out my portfolio to see my work so far or click on the Book Online link to schedule!

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Red Oil Painting


Aden Mann came about as a shortened version of my name. Once I decided to take my photography from hobby to career, I knew from the start that this is what I would brand myself as.

I grew up in Swedesboro, New Jersey from the age of 2. My parents are from the Deptford and West Deptford areas respectfully. I am the middle of three children. Throughout my youth, I played soccer and basketball year-round. I attended Kingsway Regional High School and went to college at Stockton University. There I studied elementary education and special education.

My interest in photography began when I was 13 years old. I was in middle school and asked for a Nikon Coolpix camera for Christmas. I would take pictures of nature and my friends, along with some selfies. My sports photography experience actually began with this camera. When I was a spohomore in high school, I photographed my freshman and varsity soccer. Needless to say, the photos were not great.

Throughout college, I continued to shoot nature, but this time with a Canon Rebel T6, a camera I still occasionally use to this day. It wasn't until Fall of 2022 that I discovered my passion for sports photography. A friend of mine invited me out to watch her daughter's high school field hockey game. I brought my camera not realizing the impact it would have on me. Shooting that game brought me unbridled joy. Seeing my photos come to life is like a drug, and the reaction people get from them is my high.

Some of my long term goals include: owning a studio, learning printing, learning videography, and shooting for a professional Philadelphia sports team. 



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